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The fastest loading web browser designed by Apple Inc
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Safari is an Internet web browser developed by Apple Inc. According to tests held, it performed as the fastest browser to load HTML and Java contents. It is designed in such a way, that it displays more web pages' content than other browsers - that is because it doesn’t have a status bar and thin scrollbars.

It imports all bookmarks from other browsers in use. To import bookmarks later, just choose Import Bookmarks from the File menu. It also has a bar to add quick links just below the address bar; and a Quick Search bar with different possibilities to search in.

By default, it blocks all unprompted new windows this way there will be no unwanted pop-ups. Also the user can set whether a site's content is blocked or not. Additionally, Safari contains a "Find" function, which will highlight the word a user types.

Tabbed browsing lets the user open multiple web sites in the same window; it is also possible to rearrange the order of the tabs. SnapBack enables to instantly snap back to original search results or to the top level of any website, even after you’ve browsed down a few levels; the icon appears in the search field.

Forms' AutoFill function completes online forms with information from the user’s Address Book, or from previously completed forms. The address book is secure, all the information is encrypted.

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  • Automatic RSS feeds
  • Automatic Form fill
  • More browsing space
  • Snap Back


  • Lacks plugins to display some web contents
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