Safari votes

Safari is a fast web browser made by Apple for Windows
Lauren Field — 4 years ago
Safari is a very fast web browser. It can help me with lots of things.
Guest — 4 years ago
From the beginning, I use Safari because it is simple, free, fast and very good. Chrome and Firefox are too complicated for me.
Guest — 7 years ago
Shohom — 8 years ago
Guest — 8 years ago
Fast loading and small foot print
Guest — 8 years ago
Bookmarks can be arranged very easily
João Severino — 9 years ago
a good browser
ahender47 — 9 years ago
Quicker thank Internet Explorer and very few problems.
BlThunder — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
Was made for apple!
Kevin Antoine — 9 years ago
really slow and difficult user interface
David Lin — 9 years ago
uchiha itachi — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
very fast
Caleb Stein — 9 years ago
no option to use bing as default search engine and start in private browsing
Guest — 10 years ago
Its appearence is good and also it is fast browser.
Ben — 10 years ago
so far i really like this, the favorites page is nice
JohnB — 10 years ago
Fastest browser I've used. Especially on my Mac.
Guest — 10 years ago
fail to show some common pages
titas — 10 years ago
not bad
LOLMurder — 10 years ago
it has more functions and security than internet explorer
Tanchik — 10 years ago
I like its interface
sandy — 11 years ago
it is good
beskidniski — 11 years ago
program just ok
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