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Easy to use and user friendly, speedy in operation
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Apple Inc.

Safari is a well known web browser developed by Apple inc. Apple Safari is considered as the fastest browser in the world. Apple safari has many features that are being adapted on other browsers, such as tabbed browsing and private browsing. Private Browsing is a feature that allows a user to surf the Internet without leaving any web history on computer. This feature ensures the privacy of the user and is not available in other web browser. Safari has a built-in Rss reader and an advanced feature for customizing the toolbar. Safari has an option to hide a tool bar too which helps the user to surf the webpages in a bigger screen and can avoid unnecessery usage of the toolbar. Another feature of Safari is the Bookmark bar in which we can arrange our favorite webpages more conveniently. It also has a popup blocker and options to change the screen size. The Activity feature in Safari helps the user to observe the activities performing in the browser. And thereby ensures that there are no unwanted webpages running hidden.

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  • Fast in operation
  • Considered as the fastest web browser
  • More secure and ensures privacy


  • Toolbars are not available
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